Thursday, January 28, 2010


Scales are very important to learning guitar and it’s a good place to start and keep learning and practicing through out you relationship with the guitar. I use at least ten minutes a day with scales most times more. Scales begin on the note of your choice and end on that same note this is called an octave. There are 12 notes in between and different notes of those twelve are chosen for each scale. Many scales were developed by the Greeks in ancient times and there are the major scale, 3 different minor scales , the blues scale, the pentatonic scale, the whole tone scale, the diminished scale and other international scales mostly from Spain India and through out the east. You can even develop your own scales by altering others or just starting from scratch. The circle of fifths is used to remember and figure out many scales. Pentatonic were the easiest to learn first because they have fewer notes and also all scales make shapes and pentatonic has a simple box like shape that is easy to remember and play. Most other scales add and or subtract notes from the pentatonic as well. Modes are another type of scale that seems to explore more up and down the neck and which is good for ascending and descending the neck which I like to do. So get at those scales and have fun and get faster.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello World

I simply love guitar. I've been playing for more than half a decade and i'll never stop. I find thats its just simply a wonderful way to express my self no matter what emotion I play it out. When i feel like get mad scientist on it I play scales and modes and when im feelin creative i write songs and leads. Picking up the guitar has helped my mind and my social life its an all around picker upper in fact any musical indevor is I would say. Its also quite to comradic experience to sync with people and play music with them. Here i hope to open eyes and ears and fingers up to the wonderful world of guitar. I'm gonna post reviews, interviews and lessons.dont forget to comment.